Phosphoric acid
Phosphoric acid
Phosphoric acid production, a crucial chemical compound widely used in various industries. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we deliver premium-grade phosphoric acid to meet diverse industrial needs globally.
We are a leading producer of phosphate salts, which are essential chemical compounds derived from phosphoric acid. Renowned for our quality and precision, we provide a diverse range of phosphate salts to meet the specific requirements of various industries worldwide.
Other chemicals
Other chemicals
Our diverse portfolio guarantees superior quality solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries.   Trust in our commitment to excellence as we continue to innovate and deliver chemical solutions that drive success across diverse sectors.
KEPAI is a leading player in the global trade of phosphoric acid and phosphate products.  With a commitment to excellence, we leverage state-of-the-art factories located in Sichuan and Yunnan, China, to deliver high-quality phosphoric acid and phosphates to clients worldwide.
Phosphorus compounds are used as food additives in many processed foods and beverages.  They serve various functions such as leavening agents in baked goods, emulsifiers in dairy products, and pH regulators in soft drinks.
Phosphorus is widely used in various industries, including metallurgy, flame retardants, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, electronic industry, chemical manufacturing, textile industry, and oil and gas industry.
Phosphorus serves as a vital nutrient essential for plant growth and development. It is a key component of fertilizers, particularly phosphates, which are crucial for replenishing phosphorus levels in soil. Adequate phosphorus availability promotes healthy root development, seedling vigor, and overall plant growth, contributing to increased crop yields and quality. 
Phosphorus is vital for livestock and poultry, supporting bone development, energy metabolism, and overall physiological processes. Its deficiency can cause growth issues, skeletal abnormalities, reproductive problems, weakened immune function, and reduced fertility. Phosphorus-based additives in animal feeds ensure sufficient intake for optimal growth and performance.

With 20 years of dedicated expertise in phosphorus chemical industry, KEPAI excel in navigating and streamlining global export systems, ensuring the safe and swift shipment of your products.
KEPAI committed to providing timely and valuable market insights for phosphorus chemical products. 
Trust KEPAI to leverage our deep industry knowledge to enhance the safety, efficiency, and market positioning of your offerings.